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i have arthritis too - but not RA.

i read a newspaper that there are drugs called anti-TNF's which are design for people with RA to help relief their pain. is your mother on anyone of them like enbrel, remicade etc.

don't just stick to one medication, your mother need to find the one that helps her condition. I was in so much pain with my arthritis, I am basically pain-free now because i am on remicade. that drug was suppose to be design for RA.

in terms of weight loss, try protein powder drink which you tend to find in the supermarket... the one that contains 99 percent protein. those drinks are suitable for people who wants to build muscle or recovering from an illness. I have been taking that for a while, and i am starting to gain weight.

losing weight is the indication of muscle loss - so protein drink is important or else your mother will be fragile and weak.

most important, staying in the house all the time will lead to depression and memory loss. so it's also important to take your mother out in a sunny day.