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Dear Mary, I tried Humira first, but it did not help my hands (which are my main area of arthritis). Then I tried Enbrel, which DID help my hands. I have stuck with it for 2 years. I have not really had any side effects, except when I get a flu it can last longer than average. I do not seem to pick up more colds than anyone else. I had to stop Enbrel a couple times when I had the flu, but was able to go right back on it. I really do not want to try Remicade because the process seems so involved with going for infusions, but I know someone who is much improved on it. Either Enbrel or Humira are easy to use-a once a week injection. I am not familiar with orencia. Good luck! Kera
Hi Mary,

Hate to say this but there really isn't a correct answer. Some work great for some and others do better on others. I've been on Enbrel for three years. It did great to start but isn't working that well anymore and now the doctor is switching me to Humira. I've talked to others and they've done the reverse. I'd say look over the information on all of them and then try what you think might work best. Personally I'd try either Humira or Enbrel because they're easier to take than Remicade. Orencia I'm not really sure about.
Hi Mary,
I'm not all that sure of the other medications you listed, but Humira and Enbrel I do know a little about. Most likely if your looking for something easy to use and that doesn't need to be taken with the methotrexate I'd say look into Humira. My Rheumatologist said Enbrel is not very effective unless taken with Methotrexate in people with RA. I would make sure that the same is not true of Humira first.
:) Hi, I have had RA for seven years and my Medication has helped.I recently had a MRI on my feet and it showed erosion,my Doctor wants me to take Remicade which is a two to three hour process, I do not want to sit there for that long.Maybe someone out there can give me some good advise on Enbrel or Humira, I have literature on both,I am afraid of the side effects,and I am not sure I can inject myself at home?Can one drive after a session if they have to go to the Doctors?I am afraid of the side effects.I am taking alot of Meds right now but my feet are sore
Thank you