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About a mounth ago I had a realy bad flare. Most of my joints have settled down again but I can't get my wrists to. I have tried rest, ice, heat, rest and splints. Nothiing seems to settle down my wrists this time. I though that I would start to see some releif from the Enbrel by now. I have had 6 injectoins of 25 mg each. I see my rheumy on Oct 31. If my wrists are still acting up then I might ask him to try a cortisone injection in my two wrists. Even though he said that it might not work because it never worked before. I still would like to try it. I type all day at work. Even with alot of breaks during the day they will not settle down.

Since this was my worse and longest flare I am starting to wonder if this one did some damage to my wrists. Since they are still very active RA.