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Hi Debbie...sorry u are in such pain. I was also diagnosed 4 years ago and have been on Humira for 2 1/2 years. It was like a miracle at first, I had no flares and regained most all of my former energy. The Humira has now quit working my Rheumy thinks and some of my blood work has been off also and I am tired all the time. When I go back for Dec. visit he said he would probably switch me to Enbrel. I hope it does great like the Humira did in the beginning. I also take 10 methotrexate pills once a week and take Celebrex. The Humira injection does burn, but the last 3 shots I have used the new Humira Pen and it is much less painful and very easy to use. My daughter also has RA and she has been on Enbrel for abt. 8 months and it has helped her a great deal. Enbrel also has the new pen and they call theirs Enbrel Sure Click. You might talk to your Dr. abt. using it. Of course, everyone reacts differently but hopefully the Enbrel will really help you. Hugs, Marcia:wave:
I started Embrel 6 weeks ago. It has worked realy well for me. I seen my doctor yesterday and he told me that if it is working so well so fast that it will work for me. I take 25mg of Enbrel twice a week. It does not burn at all. But I have herd that the 50mg once a week stings a bit. I don't even know that I am injecting it. Hope it helps you like it helps me.
Thanks for all your responses, I begin the injection on Sunday and next week I have to have an epidural in the cervical area because of the DDD and the RA in the area. Not looking forward to that but as you all know you do what to have to function. I also have faced the fact that although I do all the PT,
arthritis pool, Lidoderm patches that I also have to talk pain medication to function on a daily basis. I have fought this with my Dr. and husband but I have finally decided to take the meds and I do feel better and can lead a normal life. I also take methotrexate and darvocet for pain. I am hoping that the enbrel will help these joints, Thanks about the info on the pen, I will talk to my Dr. about that. I wish you all a lovely day and thanks for your understanding!! (pain STINKS but it still beats the alternative!)
I have been on the Humira since June and it has done wonders for me also. It is kind of discouraging to hear that it is only helping for a limited time though, but I will take what I can. At least I have been able to get off all the other meds since starting the Humira.

As for the burning with Humira, I found that if I put an ice pak on my leg prior to injecting, that I hardly feel the meds going in. Also make sure you not only get it to room temp. before injecting, but a nurse told me to get it to your body temp. before injecting, and I think this really helps.

Hope you have success with the Enbrel.