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I'm actually quite suprised your doctor would prescribe MSC 4 times a day, it intended as a long acting medication and should not be taken more than 3 times a day because of it's release mechanism. When you first take it about 30 minutes later one half of the medication releases, and then again around the 5 or 6 hour mark the other half releases. By taking it every 6 hours you are actually double releasing your medication. I would question the doctor on that.

It might be time for a medication change if the MSC is no longer working and if you are taking your BT med on a scheduled basis instead of only as needed, which should be sparingly. You might do better on something like Methadone which can be taken every 4-6 hours but has a very long half life and doesn't cause the intense nausea MSC does. I had switched for a while but switched back to MSC because it made me far too groggy where as the MSC keeps me constantly awake. Bear in mind though the purpose of Pain Management is not 100% relief, it is more like 50-80% max. Believing it would be anything higher than that is unrealistic and sets the patient up for a fall.

Additionally you should be on specific treatment for the RA. Pain medication is only going to mask the symptoms, not actually treat them. If the sulfa doesn't work you might do better on Enbrel or it's counter part to actually treat the symptoms. By treating the pain only and at the levels of narcotics you are on it will be more difficult in the future to treat pain as your body becomes tolerant. I'm sure you are familiar with the situation since most individials start only at around 10-15mg of MSC twice a day.

Another thing is to consider alternative treatments like aquatic therapy which is really helpful to keep your joints moving and in a warm pool it just feels great. There's also massage therapy to consider and things like a TEN's unit or even Lidoderm patches.