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Hi Everyone,

Since I started Enbrel I have been doing alot better. But in a few places. One is my elbows and the second is my hips. My hips don't hurt to walk but they are very stiff all day. It is the worse when I bend my hip and put it over the other leg to put on my socks. I have tried stretches and moving them every hour or so. But nothing seem to work. I see my rheumy again in Jan. 09, 2007 so I am going to ask him about going to an physical and occupational therypist. Maybe they can help. Because of the Enbrel I have been feeling pretty good so I have been doing alot more walking so I thought that I would be use to that by now. That started about a month ago. Maybe I should try some rest now. But it don't feel pain when I walk so that can't be it.Does any one else have any suggestions on how to get the stiffness out of my hips?