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I have only had five doses of enbrel into my tummy and they have stopped it because my tummy is now just one big red rash. It started small then spread. Has anyone had this reaction?

Olivia :)
i have my enbrel injection in my arm,have been having it since begining of july i alaways get a red swollen reaction to it for a couple of days after. I was told not to worry about it its just my body reacting to a forgien body.....its worth the side effect to have relief of pain.
hope this helps mad
hi again olivia
no reaction did not spread as i alternated each arm i had it in, good luck with humaria i had that before enbrel and did not get a reaction from it.but will warn you its a more painful injection leave out of fridge about 20 mins before you take it. let me know how u get on
mad x
Hi Mad,
I had my first injection and you weren't kidding about it hurting more than enbrel. I never felt the enbrel but getting the Humira was like getting a tetnus vaccination it was so painful. Just hope I can get used to it or at least it works somehow.
Thanks again
Olivia :)
Yes bad reaction to enbrel have been on it since sept and have had the rash since. At fgain real bad what to do HELP HELPirst we didnt know but after many test I am broke out from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet and the itching is driving me nuts. Now i cant take anything till the rash clears up and I am hurting alot HELP HELP
I have been on my 4th injection of Enbrel without to much of a problem, will try the tummy today and see if it hurts less. I was on Humeria for 3 years and GOD did that medication burn when it was injected! I was using Emla cream (Lidicaine ointment on the skin for 30minutes) before the injection and it still hurt. Someone told me that they took 3 advil about 30 minutes before there injection and it actually helped, who knows what will work for one and not the other. I wish the drug companies had to try these injections at least once to see what they were like, maybe we would not have so many problems with them. haha Have a great Week!
Hi Olivia,

Have been taking Enbrel for about 6 Months now. For the first three months I developed a rash at the injection site that started small and grew to about half the size of my stomach. Sometimes it would also bring a rash on the other side of my stomach where I had done the previous injection. My rheumatologist told me that it would go away the more I did the injections. Occasionally it still itches when I take my shot but no rash. Hope Humira works. Hope this helps.