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Hi Yorksguy....How many miligrams of Methotrexate are you taking a week? I have taken it for 4 years but I do not take injections, I take the pills. Like teachergirl said, your dose may need to be lowered. Until recently, I was on ten 2.5mg tablets once a week and my liver enzymes came back high, so now my Rheumatologist has lowered it to eight 2.5mg. tabs once a week and my last blood work was normal. I am assuming too that you were diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, what other meds do you take? I take Enbrel shots once a week, methotrexate (mtx), folic acid and Celebrex. I dont remember how to convert the cc's in the shots to mg's in the pills but your Dr. could explain to you, My Rheumatologist does not want his patients to take more than 25mg. of mtx, and now I am lowered to 20mg and that helped the liver function. Good luck and be sure to ask abt. your dosage, mtx can damage your liver if on too much of it. Let us know what you find out.