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I've had RA for 40 years (since I was a kid). To stop the disease from progressing you really need to be on a disease modifying drug such as Enbrel or Remicaid. I was on Gold (Solgonal) for most of my life, and that stopped the RA from destroying and deforming my joints, gave me energy and alleviated the pain at least 85% of the time. It didn't get rid of all of it, so I had hammertoe surgery, wrist fusion and corrective jaw surgery, just to name a few of the surgeries, to correct the damage that the disease did cause despite medication. And, when I was a kid I was constantly getting my knees drained. But hey, at least I've been able to live a pretty normal life, and didn't end up in a wheel chair. Scherring Plough stopped manufacturing the Gold when they decided it wasn't making enough money for them. I was in pretty bad shape until they came out with the Enbrel, which is just about as effective for me as the Gold was. I inject myself twice a week, and (to my knowledge) have no side effects. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that simply eating right and taking supplements such as fish oil will take care of this disease. Your white blood cells are attacking your body, and it's taken years of research to come up with drugs that will stop them from doing this. Believe me, I've tried everything else. Good luck and God Bless!