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does anyone here use enbrel for their RA? I am wondering how it is working for you. I had to switch from methotrexate due to hair loss. Anyone else with similar symptoms?
Hi Louie
I dont actually have experience of the drugs myself but know others' that do take enbrel and have been amazed by the improvement in their disease. Im sure other people will post messages who are on enbrel Goodluck and keep posting your progress.
Hi Louie,

I have taken methotrexate and lost my hair and my liver count went sky high so they took me off it, I have taken sulphasalazine and leflunomide all with severe side effects, and my rheumatologist is seeing me in November to discuss enbrel, or remecaid, but dont know if I will get it due to strict pct guidelines here in Britain. I have heard people say that they tried all the other drugs, with no joy, and then went on to enbrel and felt absolutely brilliant again. If you do get on it and the results are good, keep us all informed. The best thing for my arthritis was methotrexate, but it didnt do the rest of me any good!! Good luck hope you feel good soon.

Ronnie :)

I have been on Enbrel since June of 2006 & it has worked extremely well for my RA with just two exceptions.

Why do I hear so much about all these other RA medications that are being prescribed to patients for RA with SO MANY horrible side effects. Why are these Dr's starting with them? I'm just wondering. Because My first visit to my Rheumatopogist which I waited 10 months to get in to see started me right out on Enbrel in 2006 with all the posative labs. Does it all depend on a person's insurance?

1) It does absolutely no good & has no effect at all for Osteoarthritis. I have severe OA just about everywhere & had a TKR 6/07, so I have chronic pain 24/7 & have to live on pain meds 24/7. I have Diabetes & my TKR didn't have the best outcome so far but I can walk at least.

2) I can't be in the sun at all while taking enbrel. This is just how my body is with the drug because many people don't have this problem. Even with high SF sunscrean & wearing a hat all the time just 10 min of standing in the sun I would get sun poisoning (itchy blisters on my skin that was exposed). Dr took me off it for the summer because it could be life threatening. It was horrible not being on it Enbrel but also real horrible with constantly getting sun poisoning. I had no problems the summer of 2006.
I haven't spoke to my Rheumy about next year yet, but I do know I have to have something to replace it.

take Care
the cost of enbrel is 1800 per month for 8 little shots. that is why methotrexate is used first. if your hair does not fall out then you stay on the cheapest med there is whis is methotrexate.
Ive taken methotrexate which didnt help, instead all it did was have me throwing up & constant diahrea which ultimately i started bleeding from rectum
They put me on enbrel & well i will say it got my sed rate from 60 to 27 im still in alot of pain..

Also the enbrel made me burn up real bad when i went to the pool even using a 60 spf, but if i stop taking it my sed rate goes up so i guess its better then nothing

Thanks Louie for letting me know why the other drugs are used first...

I was never on any of the other drugs like the other posters have been on. My Rheumy went strait to Enbrel because of the complications of the other meds & it helped a lot I had real good insurance. I've been on Enbrel 1 1/2 yrs now & it's absolutely wonderful.

The reason for my post to you is to tell you that to get the full effects of Enbrel it may take 2-3 mo to get into your system. My Rheumy warned me of this when I started & asked me to be patient, it took about 2 1/2 mo for me. Just beware, for some people (includes me) Being in the sun too long while on enbrel can be life threatening. Be sure to talk to your Rheumy about this since you had that experience at the pool.
I just realized that Enbrel comes with some complications i thought were raare. I had been on methotrexate. My hair fell out and I had a rash for a week. My d. switched me to Enbrel. Now I have some leisions in places I would n ot normally even think to look at. You must check your body every where. Even your genetils. If I had not had an itch there, I would not have found this issue. The results are not good. the dr. said the meds come with some complications that are usually rare. So check ladies and gentlemen. If you find a reddish brown spot, tell the dr. immeidatly because if u wait it can be dramatic. These spots indicate that the meds have cause a problem for my liver. So I traded one problem for another. I am glad I canmove but will I be if I have to go on the liver transplant list? I read it and ignored it because I wanted to walk so very much. My misfortune can be someones elses good fortune.

if there is a spell check her i dont know where.
I just started on enbrel 3 weeks ago and I can say my hands feel a bit better and fatigue is better. I have had severe RA the past 24 years and probably had juvenile RA since my mom says I always was achey but doctors said it was nothing. I am seeing my rheumatologist again in January for blood work to see how enbrel is doing. I am still taking methotrexate,plaquenil, azulfidine, and folic acid.

I hope all works out for you too.

[QUOTE=louie112;3256651]does anyone here use enbrel for their RA? I am wondering how it is working for you. I had to switch from methotrexate due to hair loss. Anyone else with similar symptoms?