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I'm sorry you're in pain, I totally understand though. From what I've read, RA can flare up a lot right after giving birth especially if you were in remission during pregnancy. My daughter is now 15 months old but when she was 2-3 months old my RA came back terribly and I thought at times I would fall holding her and I couldnt get up off the ground if I was playing w/ her. From what I've been told the flare up goes away. Have you tried Enbrel? When DD was 3 months old I went on Enbrel again (it's one of the only drugs that has EVER worked for me) and though I couldn't BF her anymore it was worth being able to pick her up. I wasn't aware that it was only a flare up and thought my RA was worse than ever and wouldn't stop so I might have waited a bit longer before going on Enbrel. Anyway, good luck.