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Oh my god i'm sooooo in pain.I'm alone and don't know wat to do?Since yesterday my dentist put me on Erythromycin for my tooth infection.Well i did tell him that i'm allergic to Pencilin and i don't know what else.I didn't have any problems with the 3 pills i took yesterday and today i had a cup of coffee and then the pill.SInce 1pm i'm having tightness in my chest,very painful cramping in my stomach and feel like vomiting.Please write me
That sounds like a bad allergic reaction. I am also allergic to pennicillin, and I take erythromycin, which does have a VERY bad effect on the stomach (I get diarrhea and cramping), but the tightness in the chest scares me. Go to the hospital NOW!!! If it's anaphylactic, you could be in serious danger. Let us know how you're doing when you're well. Take care.