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Hi cossette,

The prohibition is particular to grapefruit juice, which adversely affects MANY drugs. I've never known why. I'll check it out later.
It scared me at first too, but then I read that it's a problem only with a QUART or more of juice and doesn't pertain to the fresh fruit (because nobody could possibly EAT that many.)

One thing I think shoulf be shouted from the rooftops though: STAY AWAY FROM CERTAIN ANTIBIOTICS when taking Lipitor.
With erythromycin (and it's cousins) and clindamycin (personal experience), you can have HORRIBLE pain!

If you are having surgery, either stop the statin a week early or make sure your doctor knows to NOT use these agents to prevent infection. I think choice #1 is the safest.

Enjoy the ginger ale (and I drink Crystal Lite to wash the Lipitor down. :D )