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Welcome to Prep School

Only One, One-Day Class In This School:
High Class Offered Only on April 22, 2004
Music Theory – Post-Modern Analog of Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride – The Bowel Cleanse

Clear liquids for the prior two days.

6:00 AM: 500 Mg of Neomycin and Erythromycin Each

2:00 PM: 500 Mg of Neomycin and Erythromycin Each

6:00 PM: 2 Dulcolax

9:00 PM: 1 Fleets Enema

10:00 PM: 500 Mg of Neomycin and Erythromycin Each

4:00 AM: 1 Fleets Enema

There will be several pop quizzes. Maybe many pop quizzes. You can expect one for sure after 9:00 and a final exam the following morning. Flunking the exam will result in a major failure.

This class might be of special interest to the 50 plus or minus divers. Yeah, we have a prepared a single chair class room setting where you can ponder the allegorical undercurrents of Magic Carpet Ride and the Bowel Cleanse process. This class will move much deeper than the surface recreational drug culture layer all the way down to number nine – The Bowel Prep Layer. Low teacher to student ratio. 0:1

Materials: Bring at least two rolls of carpet, 2 ply or better recommended.

Cost: Don’t Even Ask :jester: