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Helen...SO sorry to hear about your numerous surgeries & so much colon having to be removed...was this due to diverticulosis or something else? I remember having lots of itching with the morphine which the nurses said was common, however, never a rash. It worked well for me in conjunction with turinol duting breakthrough periods. I liked the turinol...it didn't give me that twilight zone feeling and it relieved the pain and allowed me to concentrate more on my walking and breathing exercises. And then when it was time to rest I'd press my morphine button and it allowed me the sleep that I needed.
I will keeep you in my prayers along with Jen and Minnesotamom

Minnesota....HOw are you doing...working is good it'll keep your mind off of things. Now I will share with you my experience which was only 9 days ago, that I haven't felt up to until now....

I did my prep on Mother's Day...took 1000mg Neomycin & 1000mg Erythromycin at 1pm & 2pm. (I had been on clears for 2 days) I had a great time seeing "Mean Girls" at the movies with my family and returned home around 2:30pm. Around 3:30pm I got severe cramps and dry heeves and vomitted and was on the bowl with a bucket & it coming from both ends. I knew it was the antibiotics...it seemed like an awful lot to take only an hour apart from each other. I grew concerned about being dehydrated and the time was approaching for me to start my phosphsoda prep at 4pm. I called the surgeon & he said since I had so many watery BM's that morning plus more and the vomitting to only do 1 phosphosoda and skip the 11pm antiobiotics..that he would put them in an IV during my surgery. I stopped my cleansing about 9pm....and settled into bed at 11pm. I honestly didn't get more than a few hours sleep I guess due to the anxiety and Minnesota...I tell you it really wan't worth losing sleep over. I got up at 4:30am to give myself the fleets enema ad was a little concerned that it wasn't quite clear. There was yellow in it...so I went hubby to CVS to get another and did it again & it was clearer.

We got to the hospital at 6am as sceduled. The nurses aid that brought me to my room told me that she had an open resection with the same surgeon and spent over 1/2 an hour telling me everything to expect & how it wasn't bad at all etc. I truly believed God was intervening on my behalf...what are the chances of the person settling you into your room having gone through the same exact thing? I met with the surgeon, they started my IV, and met with anesthesia and OR nurse. They were very comforting...at 7:30 I walked into the OR...and when I waw the surgeon in his scrubs I walked over to him (which I think shocked the whole team) and squeezed his shoulder and thanked him for taking such good care of me. Before I knew it, I was o the table with blankets positoned under my knees for comfort and the anesthesist telling me she had put something in my IV that would make me sleepy....and the next thing, after having what I felt was a great night's sleep I was awake....in my room. The nurses instructed me on how to use the PCA putting the button in my hands. I wasn't uncomfortable or in any kind of pain...just amazed that it was over and my mind thinking "Where is Tom"....I was in & out and woke up with the same thought off & on. Finally I woke up to see his face & to get any info I can. (Apparently they failed to tell my hubby that I was transferred to a room despite his numerous inquiries)He didn't get to my room until I was there for over an hour!! :nono: I was out of it....everything moving in slow motion...but alert enough to uncover my belly to see the numerous small incisions & know that it was done lap and not open. I smiled knowing all the prayers that went into having it turn out this way and drifted back to sleep. :angel:

I woke up seeing my hubby at my bedside...& asked him to help me sit up & dangle on the edge of the bed. This was only 2 hours after getiing into my room. He did...it was a little painful but I knew how important it was to move around. I did the spirometer each time I woke up and took some ice chips & then settled back down to sleep. I have to say...I did wake up and when I did it was usually due to pain. I did holler a little at my hubby for not doing his job of hitting the button when I was asleep. Apparently my husband didn't see me moving & assummed I was pain free until he'd hear a moan or see some type of movement. After I told him that I was only waking when in pain he'd push the button every 15-20 minutes no matter what which helped. So Minnesota...share this with your hubby...it will help him to keep you comfortable. And even when I did wake up in pain...it wasn't really the type you can even remember or not control...once the morphine kicked in I was alright.

By the evening I was walking to the doorway and out to the hallway and all the way back to bed.. My nurse was also God sent...she told me how well I was doing and progressing way beyond what was expected. I did this walk with very little assistance...using my IV pole as an anchor/walker. Getting in & out of bed was the worst...oh Minnesota, one thing is that as long as you're on the Morphine they'll keep you on oxygen only because morphine lowers your breathing and they keep the oxygen going for the first 12 hours or so after surgery when you're on the highest levels of morphine.

That evening...I really felt comfortable....comfortable enough to tell my hubby that he could go home and I would be okay until early afternoon the next day. I felt silly with him sitting there reading...he's not one to like hospitals and I really knew I was okay and comfortable enough to send him on his way. During the night I just pushed my PCA, took some ice chips, and did my spirometer each time I awoke. Oh...I failed to mention that you will have these boots on your legs that pump up like a blood pressure cuff off and on until you are getting up frequently on your own. You will also have a foley catheter tube in your bladder that catches your urine until you are able to go to the bathroom on your own.

During the night a little bulb thingy coming from my largest incision was leaking...I mentioned it to the nurses and they just put gauze over it...the surgeon explained that it was not a drain but a way of delivering xylocaine to the incision so as to help with the pain for the first day of so. I had started to develop a fever of 103.5 the surgeon felt that the main suture, although not reddened, but warm to tough, may be the culprit...and so he put me on an IV antibiotic and removed the bulb thingy in cae it was causing the problem.

The foley came out that day, day #2 & the pain management team changed my morphine to a continuous drip and told me I can have percocet, vicodin, and turinol dutring breakthrough periods when I needed something more to control the pain. I worked on walking and using the spirometer and got better with each day. For two days I was on clears we know what that's all about.

The third day I started on regular foods after tooting...exactly 72 hours after surgery and the fourth morning...Friday, I was discharged home even before having a BM!!!! It is all a blur right now as I am recuperating....and I can honestly say that it wasn't as bad as I thought. On my 9th day I am still very tired and in pain but all manageable...my body tells me what I can & cannot do and I try to listen.

I have a concert for my daughter tonite...I will check in later if I can and definitely tomorrow morning....Goody
I too seemed to have quite a bit more BM's after the surgery. I usually had about 1-2 a day, but after I got out and had the first set of BM's, I discovered I was going about 6 times a day. Wouldnt be too bad, but they took out my valve and so nothing is formed anymore. So when you go three times in the course of a single hour, things start to get... shall we say sensitive down there?

But im now only going about 3 or 4 times a day which is nice. I just notice that now I cant hold it any longer. There are times I barely reach the toilet before things let loose. Kind of hope that doesnt persist in the future, could lead to problems -_-

And my opened incision is still doing well I think. It only hurts if I move around alot. It bleeds a little bit now but I think thats to be expected and a good thing as blood is what helps the healing process if I recall. Its only a little bit, not even enough to ever soak through the bandage. I continue to add polysporin to it twice a day, and the erythromycin to help ward off infection.

So far so good, I just wish I could go to sleep without worrying about somehow ripping the incision further. I dont move around much in my sleep to begin with, I could stay in one position all night long. Whenever I need to change position, Im always awake in the process. That should keep me from accidently sleeping on my stomach then rolling over and tearing it open...