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Thank you for your response. The drs tried the glycerin suppositories when she was still in the NICU without success. When she was released, we were given all of the equipment to do enemas twice a day. Before I even thought about the enemas, we had to do the anal stimulation trying to help her along. Even that didn't work. I think that the only time that it was really consistant was when she was on the Erythromycin which helped the motility of her stomach.

Have your children had any further problems with constipation? We've done everything to apple, grape, and prune juice to raisins, grapes, watermelon, and cantalope. You name the fruit and vegi and she'll eat it. I just have such a problem with her being on the laxatives on a daily basis.

Thank you so much for your help.

God Bless...Miranada's Mom