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Ok guys I am suffering from sever hives (not swelling or fluid filled uticeria) but it does feel really bad cauze it feels like needles prickling my skin. I get it on my chest, top back and neck area. They all turn bright red an I start to feel heat and the urge to itch that area really bad. I noticed they come when I am hot (excercising, running) or wearing clothing which makes you sweat. I dont know if this is because my sweat pores are blocked and if it is photosensitivity or heat sensitivity. I get them more in winters as I come from outside to inside. The problem started two years ago when I was taking erythromycin and minocyclin for my acne. I noticed the little prickles and bumps on my hand and got freaked out since I didnt know what it was. I stopped it right after. I had allergy test done and everything came out negative which is good and bad. bad cauze now i know its either heat or light causing this :confused: . Does any of you have same problem and what do you do to control it. I will really appreciate the input.