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Hi Hoffta
I too am allergic to almost everything drug related. I have a 2 page allergy list and am afraid if I ever have to go to the hospital they will do me in. No one can keep reading that whole list. It goes from penicillin, sulfa, tetracycline, nuclear medicine dye (had a bone scan), flu shot, pneumonia shot, IVP dye, Flagyl, antifungals i.e. monistat, etc., nitrofuorintoin, Tilade inhaler, servevent inhaler asacol (for Crohn's), certain corticosteroids in prednisolone family, neomycin, lanolin, nickel, carba mix (in natural and synthetic rubber - which means latex and nitrile, rubber stoppers in medication vials, ports in IV tubing, catheters, etc, etc.), balsam of peru (In dry socket packing for extracted tooth, etc. etc.) topical sorbitol and polysorbate (also in meds, toothpaste, etc., etc. Erythromycin makes me feel like passing out and Ceclor kills my Crohn's)

Went for allergy testing for oral polysorbate for my meds and allergist used a Prevacid capsule powder. Was OK until the full strength one intradermally. BIG reaction. Luckily my husband was off that day and went with me and they used him as a control and his reaction was worse than mine. In fact, he got cellulitis from it and had to go on Keflex 500 for 10 days. I could never do that because of the Crohn's. Makes me not want any more allergy testing.
Any input back from you would be appreciated as I have severe osteoporosis and a breast cancer survivor and the meds are a problem for me. The Evista I am on now for osteo is not working and afraid to take Fosamax (bad gastirtis/esophagitis/acid reflux on double strength Prevacid and Zantac and still bad). Others not a good candidate for and don't know about reaction.