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I posted on here a few weeks ago. It started with a sore throat of which I was prescribed erythromycin.... due to me being allergic to penecillin. After I had finished a weeks course I was worse with white spots on my throat, absolutely no voice, a very painful chest and cough and was coughing up green phlem, mixed with blood. I was told to take a weeks' course of Zinnat antibiotics (Cefuroxime) which appeared to be working and cleared my throat to an extent, but did not feel completely clear when I finished the course 6 days ago. I saw the doctor who said to let my immune system fight the rest of the infection up.

However, yesterday morning I woke up and for no reason my left knee was double the size, boiling hot, red and very very painful. I was also feeling fluish and my other joints hurt a bit. It worsened during the day, and by the early hours of the morning I ended up visiting my local hospital who took bloods and an x-ray of the knee, looked at my throat and said it still looked a bit ***** and came to the conclusion my chest/throat infection had never cleared and had spread to my knee. i am now on 500mg twice daily of Cefradoxil antibiotics for ten days and co-dydramol for the pain.

Does anyone have any advice or had a similar experience as I am pretty worried by now and in pain. Sorry for such a long post but I just had to get it off my chest........ Excuse the pun with a chest infection! :confused:

Thanks, Clare