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Use a search engine and look up both erythromycin and clarithromycin.. both are alternative antibiotics (synthetic) for use in bacterial respiratory tract infections. Ideally, docs prescibe penicillin, but these two are often prescribed in place of, for those allergic to penicillin.
Good luck, I hope you get better soon.
I'm allergic to Keflex too, and I think Erythromycin as well. :( I found it out the hard way when I was a kid. Levaquin, which I took, is supposed to be one of the best anti-biotics out there. It is very broad-spectrum. My uncle that's a pharmacist said "Oh, Levaquin is GREAT! That'll get rid of it for sure!" Maybe another course?

I guess I'll have to leave the prescribing to the professionals, since I have such a weird body!

I can't believe I never thought to throw out my tooth brush. I don't really wear much lipstick though. But I do have a dental device that I sleep with at night. I'll have to wrinse it with peroxide. (that gets off all the gunk, but will it kill strep?)

The nurse practicioner also told me to gargle with a shot of apple cider vinegar and water. It is supposed to neutralize the ph in your throat, or something like that. But it tastes nasty! It is great on salads, but not in your throat!

My throat does feel very, very slightly better today, but it still hurts to swallow. I'm coughnig a lot, so I'm wondering if maybe I have an upper-respiratory infection now. I have a post-nasal drip. I have a doctor's appointment on friday. So glad it is Good Friday this week and I am off from work! I am also glad that my doctor and I are both Jewish and don't celebrate! Or he'd be closed! Everyone has been commenting on how wiped out I look. Well, you walk around with strep and see how bright eyed and peppy you are! LOL! I need the three-day weekend to sleep!

As long as I have no fever I can go to work. And I am lucky that I have a very small class and don't have to speak too loudly. And my kids see me sucking cough drops and feel bad for me. I use it to my advantage.

I am so wiped out from this infection that for the past few nights I have been coming home and falling asleep at 8:00 and not waking up until the alarm goes off in the morning.

I just really hope the strep test comes back negative. But why else would I still have enlarged tonsils and a red throat?

Does having your tonsils taken out reduce your chances of getting strep? I am about ready to chop mine out myself!