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Ahh...a cheater! You started to feel better, right? And that's why you didn't refill it, huh? Anyway, I'm glad it seems to be working now.


I agree with you about the 8 days but combined, ( 10 days on Cipro then 8 on Levaquin) is a total of 18 days on 2 killer quinolones which in theory should have done the trick on what seemed to be a simple (and early) acute infection.

I'm wide open with good airflow through my nasal passages. No sense of nasal congestion at all but only pressure and tenderness in the maxillary sinus on one side. Blowing out..it's green. Sniffing in, then hawking it up...it's green. DRATS.

I think my ENT made a mistake starting so "big". The infection is now of course no longer acute but fast becoming chronic.

Originally he wanted me on Ketek but my insurance doesn't cover it. It's a newer drug and apparently very specific and effective for sinusitis.

So....maybe that's the next step. Otherwise what do you try when you started on a class of antibiotics (the quinolones) that supposedly out-kill just about everything amoxicillin, augmentin, Zithromax, erythromycin etc don't?

What do you think?

zuzu xx