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Okay I had my large intestine removed all of it Dec '04 chronic constipation nothing was working. well that is fine at this point but now I have a new problem for almost a month I have had nausea problems some times got so bad had to go get a shot to help out well it would go away for ahwile then come back well the lst shot helped a little but didnt eleviate it at all still lingered was to the pont that even water tasted awful. so went to my surgeon he admitted me and we started test did x rays upper GI's and hyda scan well had all that 3-4 months prior nothing showed up except that the gallbladder was functioning at 67% so they wernet concerned about it. well had another tst last week it was 11% functioning so they removed the gallbladder but another problem they found is that my stomach still had 2/3 of the food sill in stomach so they also started me on some medicine erythromycin 250mg 4x a day I am finally home after 7 days in that joint cause after the gallbladder surgery the next day I constantly threw up we arent sure if it was a the anethsia or another problem. now at home I ty to eat and about 2-3 bites I cant stand to eat anymore does anyone have any hlep for me on this i go back to dr whom is a gastro dr also in 2 weeks.

KS girl