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Quote from presson:
about 5 days ago i had sudden onset lower abdominal cramps, worse fairly soon after eating. these lasted 3 days, no other symptoms ie no temp, aches, diarrhoea or vomiting. then 3 days ago i had sudden diarrhoea for few hours....very watery. since then i had not had a bowel movement at all, despite trying lactulose and exercise/fluids/fibre etc etc. (i normally eat a very healthy diet anyway)
all this time my stomach/abdomen has been acutely painful to touch, and i feel like i am incredibly bloated and aware of abdominal area..cant pass motion but sure am passing wind!!!
last night i had amazing reflux..woke up multiple times nearly choking on the acid that had come up forcefully into my mouth
last day or so pain less and think things beginning to loosen up
doc thought campylobacter but surely that would make me unwell and have diarrhoea not constipation?!?!?!

your symptoms do point to food poisoning of some kind. the most common is a campylobacter bacteria. try a bland diet, toast, rice etc no fats. it could be that you loaded yourself up with unsoluble fibre when your digestive system was compromised, that could make you constipated. it can be treated with antibiotics such as erythromycin, but avoid it if you can. just rest and get a stool test done if you haven't already, that will show for sure.