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Hey Everybody :)

I've read that bromelain actually boosts cytokine production-- especially Tumour Necrosis Factor Alpha, which is one of the most implicated in MS inflammation. Whenever I take it I have absolutely terrible attacks. The people recommending it for MS are flat out wrong! (same for proteolytic enzymes) :confused:

As for the Curcumin with pepper extract (piperine or bioperine), it's a bad idea to take it with any sort of mainstream drugs, as it's a broad-spectrum CYP inhibitor. The CYP system is responsible for the clearance and metabolism of various drugs.
Since pepper extract reduces the clearance of many drugs and toxins, causing them to build up in the bloodstream, it can make it very easy to overdose on many things-- even if you're taking a small amount.

I was taking it with cough syrup, i.e. DM, and found my heart was racing after just a normal dose. Apparently, it also blocks the uptake of erythromycin (think sudden heart death) and many other seemingly innocent OTC drugs.

With the curcumin, you'd be better off taking about 3g a day without bioperine. In the study I was reading, 3g-4g a day was perfectly safe, provided you take it with food (never on an empty stomach). And it also seemed to achieve a therapeutic effect at this dose.

Hopefully some of this is helpful, and not too nerdy.