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Sounds like gastroparesis to me but you will need to see a doctor and have some tests done to confirm. The test you need to have done is the gastrtic emptying test. Unfortunately, it seems like this is one of the last tests to be ordered. Maybe with your symptoms and if you demand it you can skip right to it. If gastroparesis is confirmed all they will do is put you on one of these meds; Reglan, Erythromycin, or Domperidone and make diet suggestions. There are other options if things get really bad but that would be down the road.

I had off and on bouts of nausea and right sided pain for years that was gradually getting worse. Had normal ultrasounds but a hidascan showed a low functioning gallbladder. I really wasn't that bad but decided to have my gallbladder out and after that I really got sick. Severe nausea 24 hrs a day. I lost 40 lbs in 3 months. I was never hungry. Went on for months before the gastric emptying study showed I have gastroparesis. I will never know if the surgery caused my gp or if that was the problem to begin with but I regret ever removing my gallbladder. I had problems with Reglan so tried Domperidone. It took awhile but that drug has saved my life. I still have occasional problems and I don't know will happen down the road but for the most part I can now have a pretty normal life (watching what I eat of course). Good luck.