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I did not know a thing before, during or after my first fusion surgery from my DR, nurse or somebody. I had (with the help of my husband) to figure it out on myself how and what. It was devastating and it made me very upset.
I got a nice big book from HSS (classes) where they take you step by step to pre-op and post-op life. They teach you how to prepare food in a freezer, how to prepare your house, your underwear (shelves not suppose to be higher than shoulders hight. Not suppose to be low since you can't bend at all. What you should buy from back support store (grabbers, reachers, stocking helper, etc.)

They gave us FLEET ANEMA to use the night before the surgery.
A must: all day before surgery you are not allowed to have food, just liquid diet: custard, ice cream, jello, clear soups. And no matter what you eat it has to be very lightly and not a big amounts.

They gave us BETADINE SPONGE (you can buy it in your local Pharmacy). YOU MUST take a shower the day of surgery and than bath the surgical area with this sponge. It may stain your skin, no worry, just rinse well and than use clean old towel to dry. Why old? Even though I have to rinse the area well, towel still will stain.

They gave me a brace after taking my sizes. You must bring list of meds with you; not only meds DR prescribes for you, but they required all supplements, vitamins, over the counter meds. I have to bring my brace with me otherwise PT will not let me get up for walking.

We had to fill out papers what kind food we eat, what food we allergic to, I had to talk to case mnger to explain my home sitation if I need any nurse or any other assistanse at home. She will come to my room after the surgery to discuss more detailed care when you come home.

First of all: 2 weeks before surgery they want you to start Iron pills x 3 times a day. Stop them 2 days before surgery.
"you should make a special effort to be sure your nutritional status is optimal before the surgery"
For optimal nutrition, consume foods from the all the food groups shown on the Food Guide Pyramid, according to book. It should include whole grains, fruits, veggies, Lean meats, eggs, low fat dairy products.

During hospitalization they insist you are eating adequate calories and protein to maintain your healing. They absolutely don't suggest you not to eat or miss meals. During surgery we loose a lot of protein so they suggest that big part in our diet has to be lean protein. It prevents risk of comlications, such as infections, or poor wound healing.
2-3 Servings a day of Milk, Cheese, Yougurt
2-3 Servings a day of lean meats, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs, and nuts
3-5 servings a day of Veggies
2-4 Fruit
6-11 servings a day : Bread, Cereal, Rice and pasta - try to use whole grain, whole wheat, brown rise instead of white.
Fats, Oils and sugar - use very sparingly.

Due to the fact that PK cause constipations, they suggest to take every day regardless Milk of Magnesia, Senecot, Peri colace -OTC and fiber-fiber-fiber (breads, cereal, whatever has a lot of fiber).

They strongly suggest to take Calcium Citrate, and other supplements, like minerals and vitamins. And again, protein is a very important part of daily diet.

They even show (sorry for details) poses which people after spinal fusions with instrumentations can use during intimate moments. But only after you ask your DR if you are ready for this, very important.

PT is depends on your surgery and they way you feel. They start PT the day of and next day after surgery right in a hospital. They wake you up next day and make you sit, walk, eat in a chair. Their team will teach us how to get up, how to sit, etc. In the book they have pictures and descriptions how to get up from chair, bed in a right way.

I have to say something very important which shocked me.
After my first surgery I had some dental work. My Dentist told me that he has to call my surgeon first to make sure I don't need to be pre-medicated. He was suprised that my DR said NO. A lot of his patients who has surgeries done in NYC have to be premedicated. I let it go.
Since we have fusions with instrumentation - this always will be a volnarable area for us due to infections.
We have to be pre-medicated for the rest of out lives while we are having done the following:

MEDICAL OR SURGICAL PROCEDURES BY YOUR PHYSICIAN OR DENTIST (other than general cleaning) MUST be premedicated.
Antibiotics must be prescribed (Amoxicillin 1 hr before procedure and 6 hours after the unitial dose or Erythromycin - 2 hr prior the procedure and 6 hr after initual dose).DR who sends you for procedure has to know that you had spine reconstraction with instrumentation and prescribe you meds to protect you.

Just let me know if any questions, happy to help you and everybody else.
Have a great day!