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Hi all,

For those of you who have read my posts before, you know that I've had undiagnosed stomach problems for about a year now. My HIDA came back with an ejection fraction of 7%, but I don't have much pain at all-- either in the upper right quadrant or in the upper abdomen. In fact, both my GI doc and my primary care provider have said that my main "symptom"-- lingering abdominal fullness-- isn't a symptom of gb dysfunction. I'm due for a barium swallow soon, and my doctor talked about giving me erythromycin for possible delayed stomach emptying-- even though my gastric emptying test came back normal.....

Anyway, I'm starting to wonder if just have plain old indigestion, or non ulcer dyspepsia.

One thing that disturbs me, though it is not painful or even that bothersome (physically speaking) is that I will belch up and taste (sorry to be gross) what I've eaten HOURS after I've eaten it. Yesterday I was belching up something I ate 7 hours later! My GI doc said I must be swallowing air, but I never had this problem before my stomach problems started-- and I can't imagine I'd be swallowing any more air now than before....

Any thoughts? Has this happened to any of you? Thanks in advance!