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i have suffered from salicylate induced urticaria for about 18 months, recently my gp switched my anti-histamine from ceterizine to desloratadine and even though i occasionally still have mild reactions this medication really seems to help. However i am now suffering from a totally different skin condition, unlike anything i hav ever had before.
It started about 9 weeks ago. when i first went to see my GP i had approx 3 open infected lesions on each hand, since then new lesions have appeared in crops every few days and are now covering my arms, chest, stomach and face.
when they first appear they look like burst blisters and can weep intensely at first befor crusting over, often giving an appearance similar to impetigo. they can then form very thick scabs before dissapearing in about 2 weeks to leave a scar. in the meantime new ones are still appearing. They never itch but some have a sore, burning sensation.
they appear almost instantaniously-i experiance no itch or soreness to indicate that one may be coming up-thy just appear!!

i saw my dermatologist last wednesday, she said outright that she doesnt know wot it is and that she has never seen anything like it. she performed an excisional skin biopsy removing a whole lesion from my arm. i am still awaiting the results from this. i was then seen by 25 dermatologists at a clinical meeting-but still were none the wiser. They now seem to be putting it down to stress-my gp and myself totally disagree with this as even though i am frustrated at how my condition is being handled by the hospital my attitude towards my condition is very good-bothe now and before this when we were dealing with my allergies. and i am probably the most laid back person any1 cud eva meet, with no financial restraints, family problems etc. and i love my job!!-
I am due to go into hospital in the next week or so- thy want to keep an eye on me to make sure i am not subconciously scratching!!

I will not let this condition be put down to stress, it seems that when overcome by an unusual, not textbook condition they just say that your stressed and it will go away on its own rather than researching and carrying out tests.

Antibiotics and steroid creams help to speed up the healing time but so far this is the only help we have found. i have been on antibiotics for about 7 weeks and we have tried erythromycin, flucloxacillin, cyprofloxacin and now i am on co-amoxiclav 625mg.

I have been looking into a condition called lymphomatoid papulosis-i have looked at a lot of info on this condition and it feels like i am reading about myself the symptoms are so alike. i would love to here from any1 who has this or has any idea wot this condition could be!!