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Hello everyone!

I have been able to feel your lvoe and I have missed you. I can't wait until I am up to catching up with everyone. For now, my body tells me that I need to stay in bed. My belly is really swelling at the site of my incision.

I had my surgery on Monday and I think I am doing well. I have some pain at the site of the incision when I move. I have the most pain when I shiver which I do much more often than I realized. More good news: The bowels are working properly. So excited that everything is working and it isn't painful at all. Even sitting doesn't really hurt except where I can feel the incision wrinkle and bend a little.

My head is the thing that is hurting. It started Tuesday morning with what I think was a blood sugar mess that got out of control when the nurses ignored me. By the time they gave me my drugs, it never really went away. Then, Wednesday morning, I could feel it strengthening again and had the same problem - nurses took two hours to bring the meds.

It has been hanging around since I got home along with a general feeling of malaise. I am a little nauseous and, as the day goes by, my heads hurts worse and I have been very photosensitive. In fact, I am even bothered by smells and sounds. I am wondering if anyone has any advice about what could be causing it and how to make it go away. I was taking Percocet but I stopped it which means that I am noticing my actual surgery pain a little more. I am still taking Ibuprofen, Estrace and Colace. Could one of the remaining drugs be causing this? Is there anything I can do to make it go away? Stopping the narcotic seemed to help, but now it is back..

Or, does anyone think it is just normal to feel this way in the first few days post op? I called the doc today, but I haven't heard from her. She was there all week. I wonder if she could be out today.

Otherwise things are going well. I am not all that sleepy, but I am trying to rest as much as I can, but I am also trying to hydrate and that has me up going to the little girls' room a lot. I am happy this is over with and I know that I will have to tough it out through the recovery.

Hugs to all!