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Hey Mint...may I ask how long you were on Prozac? I've been on anti-d's since my thryoid symptoms began in 1988 and the doc says I'll be on them for life. Presently I'm on Celexa and I would really like to cut back. I have been through many counselling sessions...psychologist, psychiatrist, pastor, christian counsellor and couldn't really come up with anything that caused my depression....except stress. My family couldn't figure out what was happening as I was always the most upbeat and genuinely chearful one of the family (not an act...but the real me....).
I again can't say how much I so appreciate this board and the help that you, Mint, and others have been by encouraging me and giving me hope. It means the world....some day I will feel well again.....
Anyway, I will try to cut back on celexa from 20 mgs to 10 and see how i feel. i also hope to be able to go off lipitor too as the synthroid i'm on has already made a bit of a diff in my cholesterol level. I also have primary amenorrhea....ovaries never developed.....so I'm on estrace and prometrium (estrogen and progesterone) to boot (for the last 25 years) which i should be cutting back on as well when i turn 50 (5 years from now). Who knows, I may be taking less meds (excepting my synthroid, which i will never cut back on) as i get older.......the best is yet to be..... ;)