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Hey Cassia, I did do a little very light baking the other day. I just made an Eagle Brand lemon pie. Oh, and I made rice crispy treats. They were an assignment for my nephew's math class and he didn't want to make them, but then I wanted them. Now, Lent has started so I won't be baking for me for 40+ days.

I went to my two week post-op on Monday. My doc is two hours away so I spent four hours in the car and I got all swelly and tired just to see her.

She opened up the door and explained that she had a male student with her, could he come in? My mom asked if he was cute and the doc stammered a little. So, mom asked if he was the one who helped with my procedure and my care in the hospital - the one I developed a crush on. Little did mom know, he was right behind doc at the door.

I was so excited to see him again. Ever since he started me on the Estrace in the hospital. -sigh- It was such a joy to see him at 6:45 each morning. I wish I would have stayed in the hospital another day for a visit from him!

The entire office visit on Monday probably lasted three minutes. I was as giddy as a school girl and doc was really impressed with my recovery. They looked at my incision and told me to take a bath to soak off the dry blood and that was about it. She said that I am healing well and I look very mobile. (How did she expect me to make it to the visit if I wasn't?) I didn't learn a thing or ask any of my questions, but I really think the drive was worth it just to see Ky (pronounced KEE). I can always call doc's direct line if I have any questions...like, is Ky available for my six-week visit? Oh my. :bouncing: