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I currently take Levoyxl for underactive thyroid, and estrace. I had a hysterectomy last year and it was then this testing was done. The depakote is "supposed" to control my headaches but does little and I have heard it caused weight gain which I don't need. I believe the face swelling was an outbreak of my Trijemial but I still have had vision problems for about 6 months...blurring, no focus ect. Plus extreme dyslexia which began about 6 months ago. My mom died in December and I have been seeing pdoc since and that's when alot of my cognetive symptoms were diagnosed. But my muscle and joint aches along with extreme fatigue, can't do anything physically for more than 15 minutes or so and I am spent. My pdoc states I have fibromyalgia but has never addressed fatigue which really bothers me since I have an 11 year old and can't explain to him why mom is tired all the time. This has all been ongoing and now that's it's finally come to a head I believe I deserve some answers and I don't think some sort of treatment would be too much to ask. I knew I didn't like the neuro I was referred to the second I walked in his office...we all have those feelings. Also, I take Neurontin for TMJ but would like to switch to Topamax but don't know if I should ask. I think I will seek a second opinion but all this is so draining on the pocketbook, causing even more stress. Plus since hubby can't SEE any symptoms I think he's losing patience.