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wmkcolors- I had pelvic radiation in 1975 for uterine cancer - 5000 rads over 3 months. The only problems I can remember from then is servere diarrhea and cramping. I have been on HRT since then with absolutely no problems. The only and definitely worst side effect was rectal cancer in April 2003. My oncologist definitely feels it was caused by the previous radiation. Fortunately it was discovered very early - barely a Stage 1 - and the only treatment was surgery which eventually resulted in a permanent colostomy. This was partially due to the fact my lower previously radiated colon became ischemic after my resection and had to be removed. Also I had my lifetime allowable amount of radiation in 1975. Longterm HRT seems to be OK for those who have had a hysterectomy. I'm taking a bio-identical hormone - Estrace. I do feel very lucky even though I'm missing most of my pelvic organs (!) as I am cancer-free and feeling healthy.Good luck to you!