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I have problems at L4/L5 and L5/S1. Previous history: had a MicroD at L5/S1 12/10/04 Etiology undetermined. Prior to surgery was in a wheelchair as I was unable to walk with out falling multiple times throughout the day, and I was afraid of doing MORE damage than was already there. Was doing fine postsurgery, then I MAJOR re-injured it, and the one above cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina. (I know, I know, REALLY stupid, but you just had to be here!) I do have some permanent residual nerve issues which are numbness in the last two toes on both feet, no feeling from ankel down on right foot, and no reflexes in either foot. The nerve had been impinged from Early July 2004 until Surgery 12/10/04. Was trying to avoid a fusion surgery because I "died" during the Micro-D and am VERY scared of the risks involved and what happened during the Micro-D. I react VERY badly to Anesthesia! :eek: I have done everything short of Accupuncture since the re-injury to include, PT, ESI injections, Trigger Point injections, etc. Started seeing a PM specialist in February 06. My meds are: Duragesic patch 12.5mcg every 3 days, and Percocet 7.5mg 3X/day as needed for BT pain, and Elavil 50mg at bedtime for sleep/pain. Also suffer from Migraines triggered by Barometric Pressure and take several preventative meds for that including Topamax 100mg/day, Tenormin 50mg/day, and Paxil 20mg/day. I'm also on Estrace 2mg/day for Hormone Replacement therapy due to a Total radical hysterectomy in 1988. My pain levels stay around a 5-7 depending on how much I exert myself any given day. I do work, but my job is not strenuous.

I have an appointment scheduled for 0/13/07 to schedule a surgery date for sometime in May '07 to have the double fusion. I recognize that I can't continue to go on like this. I think for the most part, I've put it off for this long because of the nightmare that happened during my Micro-D.

[SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]Here's my question:

This afternoon I had an "accident". I was not able to hold my urination, and the urgencency hit me all at once. It was not like a flood or anything, but definitely enough to have to change clothes. This is the 2nd time this has happened, the first time was just (about 3 days) before my Micro-D). I don't remember the details of the first time, just that it happened before my surgery! When does this "become an emergency"? Both my NS and my PM doctor are "unreachable" after hours and weekends and simply have messages on their answering machine after hours that says go to the ER. What are your experiences regarding incontinenence?

I've read tons on here that says that when it happens it is an "emergency" and so I'm very scared now. :confused: But at the same time, I don't wan't to over-react. :dizzy:

With incontinence, is it typical for it to hit you out of the blue?? I've read on here where people have had "leaking" problems, and from what I could tell those were not such an emergency. I just don't know which way to turn, and honestly I'd feel like a fool to show up at the ER, and this be nothing. I'm such a private person. How would you "describe" what leaking is?? Maybe this is what happened to me! I'm just so confused at this point! :confused:

I'm so sorry for the long read, and thank you if you have made it this far! I get a lot of information from these boards.

, Anyone!!!

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