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[FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"]Hi Barb....

Hey...if you have to leave them in the bathroom in order to remember to take em...so be it! :) We do whatever we have to do to remember them, right?

I laughed about your little shelf w/ all of your meds! ;) I used to keep mine on this little [tupperware] lazy susan thingie on my kitchen counter...but later I cleared out a whole shelf inside my kitchen cabinet, and that's where I put all of my important "drugs".. thyroid med being #1, there's my Estrace, Prilosec, Wellbutrin, and a bunch of other stuff that I take off and on,...like muscle relaxants. [Soma]...Klonopin, etc. It's like a litte mini pharmacy in there. [lol] Mine are on the left, hubbies are on the right side. (all he takes is Claritin, sometimes an occassional Motrin 800) It got to be where there were just too many on my counter, and not only did it look messy, it was embarrassing! Some [weird] people would see them and go, "Whoaaa....LOOK at all of those bottles...WHO takes all of those medicines??!! (as IF it's anyone's business, huh?) I keep all of our OTC stuff, [a lot of it!], in a shoe box, hidden inside of my pantry.

My auntie is like you. She keeps her Levothroid on her bathroom sink/counter....in a little bowl. (She doesn't worry about anyone getting it wet,..she's widowed and lives alone). She said she gets up every night around 3 A.M. to use the bathroom, and then she takes it. I asked her once, "aren't you afraid one night you may not wake up?" She said, no, that she always wakes up,..no matter what.

I wish that I could do that too, as I think it's good, because she can get a few hours of good, [uninterupted] absorption, and not have to wait to eat or have coffee when she DOES get up. I wake up all different hours, [as my sleep is kind of crazy], ...so I get up and take my Levo/Cytomel, wait a full hour, then have to take my Prilosec, wait for another 30 minutes...then I can FINALLY have my cup of coffee!! Ugh...I hate that!! That 1.5 goes so
s-l-o-w! :(

It's harder to wait while my DH is here, [everyday really, as he works nights], and he is sipping his coffee and the smell of it is wafting all over the place! (It's like being at Starbucks and waiting an hour n'a half) He did offer to wait with me though, which was sweet, as he felt sorry for me...lol, but I told him, don't bother...it's not his fault.

I usually set my meds out every night before bed. I put my 2 thy meds in a little Tupperware container, and leave one of my Prilosec's in there as well. Then I leave that on my kitchen counter. I do that just so I don't have to open bottles while I'm half asleep, and possibly take[the wrong med, or later forget and go, "Hmm..did I take my Levothroid?"... LOL I used to do that...a lot.

Also,...I keep a [wind-up] kitchen timer on the counter,...so as soon as I take my meds, I adjust it for 1 hour, then after I take my prilosec, then I set it for a 1/2 hr. And boy...I must be bored on this Saturday afternoon, huh...?? LOL Sitting here telling a stranger on a message board, these silly little details of how I take my meds...LOL! I guess it's all pretty significant to us tho, huh? Have a nice weekend, Barb, and don't forget to take your meds!

What a boring Saturday...think I'll go and color my hair,..these white roots are killing me...:eek:

bye now..