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Hi Aimee! Thanks so much. I am still so excited. I've been visiting friends and family in Colorado and it has been helping to pass the time. My NP called this morning and said that she's ordering my meds. Hopefully it wont be too pricey! You big day is Friday, right? I'm so excited to hear all about your u/s. It'll be with your RE won't it? What time are you going in?

Hey Princess! Yes, my FET is basically underway. I'm on bcp and will start lupron in a couple weeks. Will be doing estrace in November as well, but I have never taking estrace so I'm not sure what to expect. At least it's just a pill. My transfer is scheduled for December 6th, so I def hope to be on cloud nine over the Christmas holiday still celebrating my BFP! I know you have a lot going on the next couple weeks yourself missy! I'm thrilled you are on your way to baby! Looking forward to hearing more about your appointments and surgery!
Hi Kari,

You must be so excited that everything is setting in place for your bfp. :) I think I took a form of estrace w/ my cycle, and I don't remember having any side effects from it. Don't know if you would be taking similar doses or not though since you aren't stimming this time around. :D