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Hey guys, the Kari thread was getting a bit long so I started a new one.

Ruby, thanks for your note. No more headaches this weekend so that's good. Wasn't on the board much so I'll have to go read up and see how your 2ww is going.

Char, hi hun. I was thinking about u this weekend hoping your follies grew. I am pretty sure u find out tomorrow. Good luck sweetie!

Aimee, yes it is getting much closer to FET. Two weeks from Thurs! I hope u and babies are well!

Mapia, how CUTE is that godson of yours?!!! So did he have to reaquaint himself with u a bit since u were gone for a while? Wish I could've seen his face when the tree lights were lit! That is what the holidays are about... Moments like that which make great memories! Congrats on a job well done in the kitchen. Sounds like u and DH make quite a team. U guys will make great parents!!!

Well I had an interesting weekend. Spent all day today in the emergency room. I woke up early this morning with severe stomach pains. Tried to tough it out for five hrs but gave up cause the pain was constant and I was nauseus and exhausted from the pain. They gave me morphene and did us and cat scan and bloodwork. The only thing they found was I have high was high white blood count, which she said could have been stress related from being in pain all day. So whatever it was shouldn't interfere with my FET but of course i will tell my RE about it. I have an appt tomorrow for an ultrasound to make sure all looks good to start estrace. Well I am beat from all the meds so I will have to catch up on all of u tomorrow. Love you girls!
Hi guys! Thanks for your nice words. The appointment went well this morning. All is still very quiet so I start estrace tomorrow.... just one tab twice per day for now. I talked to my RE and as soon as I said I had stomach problems yesterday both he and and my NP were like "You Too!!!?". Apparently, they said something really bad is going around, and my RE said he had it last week himself. My NP said that her BF's husband felt like he was hit by a truck. What's weird is that my stomach hurt. Pure constant intense pain. No cramping, no throwing up, no diarreah, which I think is what everyone else had (sorry TMI). I still hurt today, but it's bearable... I feel like I did about 5000 situps yesterday. Not enough to make me crawl up in a ball on the floor again so that it good ;)

Mapia, you really do know how to make me smile :) We are going to have little ones someday just like that godson of yours. How cool is that? :cool: I'm just getting impatient and wish it would hurry up and happen already!!!! My NP was so cute today... she knows how I don't like waiting for anything when it comes to IF. Well when my RE said if my stomach doesn't get better quickly we can control the cycle and push the transfer off a week or so and my NP was like "no we can't" and she just smiled and winked at me. She knows just how I feel!

Mady, how are you doing hun? Feeling anything from your estrogen patches? Do you have the date yet for your transfer? I know it's soon!!!! YAY!
Kari! You must stay healthy now. No more trips to the ER. I am sorry to hear your weekend had such pain and suffering. But i am glad it won't interfere with your FET. I have never done a FET- how long do you take Estrace? Then what is the next step?
Mapia, that is just what I kept telling myself... I'm sure labor pain is going to be much worse than anything else I've experienced, but I bet both of us will troop thru it like rockstars cause we know that our reward will be at the end of it!

CBB, I take estrace for 16 days then the transfer comes and you know what that is all about! ;) I know the estrace is supposed to help prepare my uterine lining so I'm all for it. It starts out pretty easy with a pill twice a day, but the dose changes every 4 days until I hit either 2 or 3 tabs 3 times a day! I will def be setting the alarm on my phone to remind me. That's a lot of pill taking! Easy enough though, at least there will be no OHSS to worry about this time!
Hi Kari

I'm so pleased that you are feeling a wee bit better today and that your RE wasn't overly concerned - the main thing is everything is looking perfect for your cycle!

I often do the same as you and self diagnose by reading things off the internet - I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. I do know that asprin can cause tummy upsets so I think you're on to something there.

Good luck with the estrace and babydust to you - soon to be mommy!

Hi Kari, Im glad that the pain will not affect your cycle and hope you are feeling better.
I'm ok here, tomorrow I have my appt to check my lining so we will know when to start the progesterone. The estrogen patches are fine, I did them before, after the fresh transfer. I have to change them every other day and increase the dosage, today I am wearing 4 of them. I hope my lining will look big tomorrow cuz I cant wait to get pregnant already. You know what I mean...:D
How is the Lupron treating you. Any headaches still? Good luck with Estrace. You take it by mouth or .........not? :jester:
Mady, isn't it so cool to think that as early as Wed nite your embabies could be implanting???? That is so great... I think that's one of the coolest things about doing a blast transfer. You def have a better idea of when those sweetiepies will be snuggling in! :angel:

I'm still taking my estrace twice a day. On Sat I started taking two pills each morning and nite. It's actually been a little difficult to remember to take it on time esp at nite... On Wed I start taking it three times a day... that will be interesting cause the mid-day dose is gonna be tough to remember that's for sure!!!

Well guys it's the last week of November! The Christmas holiday season is officially in full swing and the New Year will be here soon and will hopefully bring many, many BFP's along with it! Hope everyone is doing very well!
Kari, thats funny, you are not going to forget about the pills. Think of it as a process of feeding the baby, which you have to do every 4 hours, now it doesnt sound that bad, does it... All this pill taking its just a rehearsal for the time the baby gets here, I like to think of it as we are lucky we get to nurture our babies from the very first moment, give them nice cozy blankets of estrogen and lots of prenatal vitamins......Our babies are so lucky. :)
When is your next U/S appt? You must be getting on 10 days now of estrace, right?
Thanks everyone for all the well wishes! I just have a good feeling that this FET is gonna bring me my BFP. I hope I can stay that positive throughout the 2WW!!!:cool:

My next appt is on Thursday. They will be checking my lining and deciding how to adjust my dose of estrace. I'll have one more week to thicken up that nice warm blanket for my embies!!!

Mady, that is a very good way of thinking about it! Although I haven't been stellar with my timing during this pill taking process, I do think I'm gonna be pretty good about remembering to feed my baby on time :D:angel: Well I'll be thinking of you tonight my friend! I'm so excited your little embies will be transferred home tomorrow!