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oh my gosh, Ruby, I am so sorry! Yet at the same time I am so glad I'm not the only one that is so forgetful! I'm taking estrace 3 times per day, and like 5 times I think I have been 2-4 hours behind in taking a dose. And get this, when I was in Vegas last weekend, DH and I walked with our friends from our hotel to another that was across the street (and through loads of construction). Well we just sat down to dinner at 8:30 and I realized I forgot my pills back in our hotel room that I was supposed to take at 9:00. And we had tickets to a show at 10:30 so there was no way we could make it back to our hotel before midnight. Since I was in heels we decided it was best for DH to go back and retrieve them. I felt SO BAD! The casino hotels are so huge and it takes forever to walk from one hotel to the other. (haven't you been to Vegas? I recall you had relatives there or in So Cal) Anyway, he got back just as we were finishing our entrees! I ordered the surf and turf cause I knew it's be more than I could eat so he could have my leftovers! He was such a good sport... he scarfed down my food and then we went to the show!