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I am a 55 yr. old with serious osteoporosis (spine -3.4 , hips are somewhat better with average of l/r of -2.5). I didn't do HRT at start of meno approx. 5 yrs. ago. I don't know if that was good or bad.Maybe it really hurt my bones, I don't know. Anyway, today I had an appt with a gyn. who is highly regarded and she felt when looking at the big picture, hrt should be seriously considered for me. I am about 14. mo . on forteo. Her plan is start estrace vag. cream. See osteoporosis specialist in Jan. and talk with her about starting estrogen/progesterone hrt and possibly testosterone down the road.If bone specialist says hrt ok to start then start hrt in my last 9 months of forteo. She did a phys. exam incl. ultrasound of uterus. She said she sees estro deficiency and blood test not impt. because it is so perfectly clear how low my estro is from ultrasound of ovaries and uterus.Her feeling is that for bones, hair , skin, libido, etc. that hrt would be good for me . I asked for how long and she said maybe 7 years. She said she would do u/s of uterus at 4 month intervals while on hrt. I hadn't heard of this before. She is associated with state's largest medical center.She is noted as one of the top docs of the largest metro area in our state. While I had been so afraid of hrt because of breast cancer concerns, I have to say my concern about my bones is major. And, at this point I am seriously considering hrt.
Does anyone have any thoughts about hrt that they would share? Anyone with thoughts about hrt and forteo? I recall reading that it didn't help to do forteo and evista together but I do not recall about hrt and forteo.
p.s. I want my bones back.
Hi Osteoblast,
I have a family history of breast cancer so it's recommended that I not take HRT however my bone density went back worse than it was before I took the Forteo. I took it for one week at the urging of a primary care doctor and got heat intolerant right away, even though I didn't have hot flashes without it. I haven't reconsidered since then.

Why is the gyn recommending estrace vag cream? Is it a safer way to take hormones or just for your own comfort? What shows up on the scan that would indicate estro deficiency? I'm just curious. I hope you find a solution and I do also since HRT is probably out for me as well as bisphosphonates due to stomach problems, and Forteo can't be continued or repeated as of now.
Taape-Sorry I haven't had opportunity to get into the estrogen/bone connection but things are way complicated . I feel I would have to do so much research before I could even write anything helpful and right now I am on technical /medical overload. I wish that someone out there with some information on the connection would pitch in -we'll see.I recall your situation, the forteo, the gains, the loss. And your sensitivity about the bisphosphonates. Taape, I hope someone does come up with some more info here but I do think it may be something for you to explore , taking into account your own and your family's med . history. I will try to follow up on this with anything helpful that I find.

DesertBloom-I am OK. I hope you are doing well. We do seem to have so many issues in common.I would love to catch up with you on a number of topics. Maybe this is a good time for you / maybe not. I will just put it out there ,as they say .
How is your pt doing? I hope if is helpful.I seem to recall you were going to start a program where you would do pt several times a week. Did you find it helpful? Mid Jan I start an 8 wk wellness program at a major med center- the program is based on Jon Kabat Zinn's MBSR-Mindfullness based stress reduction. You might want to check that out on the net and learn about the program- also his books including Full Catastrophe Living (does that sound familiar?). I think his program would be so helpful for anyone dealing with a chronic degenerative disease or chronic pain. Prior to start of the program I am going to work individually with the instructor for a few sessions. On those days, I will also meet with a pt to review my osteo program to see how I am doing. I feel that this is going to help alot. I have been through a pretty low period ( maybe the constant bleak weather) and am very ready to roll up my sleeves and work on things.As I get into the MBSR, I will start a thread on it , in the event it may be of assistance to others.
Any help with the tai chi dvd?- if it is too much ,there are qigong dvd's by garripoli that may be alot easier.Our library has the garripoli dvds- so you might check the library if interested. I so love this stuff- It has taken all I have recently to keep up with the walking and weight lifting, the tai chi has gotten lost for a bit. But in my heart the tai chi and qigong are where it is at. They soothe me in some deep way that I need soothing. If that makes sense to you?
I am concerned about your vit d. As I was about mine when it was 19. But if your test was correct, are you going ahead with high dosing??One problem with scripted high dose is that it is not D3. I looked for a vit d 3 high dose in oil suspension and found a 10,000 capsule .I take 3 capsules a week. I think it must be what has gotten me to 44. As I said mine took months to go up when I started on 2,0000 and it went up by 2 pts. I had to do the much higher dose.I am fascinated by the forteo and what it does to the d25 and the d1,25 -the inverse correlation. But right now I have no doc who can/will explain this to me.
I am thinking the estrace vag cream- is not going to interfere much with the forteo.It seems others have been on the cream and did ok on forteo. Did you do a estro cream while on forteo? The active ingredient is estradiol.
So, you will be off forteo in 6 months(for me 10).Do you know what is next? If hrt is antiresorptive then, maybe it would be a good complementary treatment with the bisphosphonates. Is that what your thinking?I am about six yrs. since meno started. I just feel if I am going to do ht. then it is now or soon. Did you do ht before or are you just starting now?
So many questions, I know. Mostly I am just hoping that you are doing well!:)
p.s. leaving dial up behind and going high speed this weekend, will then find it alot easier. Thanks for the Cleveland Clinic info and will check that. Also will post a link for an audio vit d talk this weekend . I think you and others will find interesting. When d is low we may only get very small percent of calcium we take in. I am sure you know this already but I will get the link in . I just need some help from my dh.