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I am hypo due to hashi's and for various reasons am considering hormone therapy. I should add that I am in post meno. This is not a course of action that I view lightly.
My question concerns the first part of the therapy that I will start real soon.It is estrace vag. cream. The estrogen is in the form of estradiol. So, my question is are there any others here with experience with hypo taking synthroid (or equiv.) AND also doing hormone therapy with estradiol??I am wondering if this is likely to play havoc with tsh levels and thus will need adjusting of synthroid. I am going to call my endo tomorrow , just thought I would check in with this board to see if anyone has experience/ knowledge of what I may expect?
Hi Osteoblast,

I've done various combos of HRT, +/- T4 & T3 over nearly 9 yrs. I also have Hashi's. Currently I take 75 mcg. Levoxyl (a T4 med similar to Synthroid), 6 mcg T3 SR compound, Estrace cream 0.1mg, and a Bi-Est topical.

What is most relevant from my experience to your current situation is that you are considering using Estrace cream along with a T4 med. I have been told that estradiol as Estrace cream is taken up extremely rapidly by the mucosal membranes. The effect of Estrace cream is very local (unlike an oral HRT), since vag tissue is very sensitive to the presence of estrogen.

My experience with Estrace cream is that it has been extremely beneficial for localized vaginal & urethral symptoms, where the Bi-Est was not so helpful (though it does help with hot flashes).

I have not noticed much change in my need for thyroid hormone, however I do not have TSH numbers to back that up. For me, it's not very helpful to compare the TSHs since many docs would consider me in the "normal range" of TSH even when I am suffering from low thyroid symptoms. I pretty quickly get severe muscle pain when my T3 level dips, and that hasn't happened since adding in the most recent round of Estrace cream.

All hormones in the endocrine system interact in a very complex way. Estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and cortisol all interact with thyroid hormone, and each with the other, and each of those 5 main hormones interact in various forms/metabolites with endocrine glands in the brain as well as those in the "mother glands," like ovaries & adrenals. It's very complex.

For me, a big part of hormone balancing was upping my nonexistent testosterone. Both progesterone and testosterone help with conversion of T4 (inactive hormone) to T3 (active thyroid hormone).

Your mileage may vary. Good luck!
Wow- I am really encouraged by the response on this topic. I am so glad that people shared their stories.
Chenille- I will take a look at the book and info about what the doc is doing.
Oleander - I will be sure to share as I go along and hope you do too.
Elmhar- Sounds like I am going to go a similar path as to what you have done. As I said the Estrace is the first thing the doc is trying. She said it would get in the system the fastest. I don't know what her long term idea is about the estrace. How long were you on Estrace? or, if still on how long have you been on it. From what you said it doesn't seem it played with your thyroid numbers too much. When I called the endo, her asst said that the doc said she didn't think much would happen with the estrace , it being more of a local treatment as you said rather than systemic. As I have done more reading I hear of people having some pretty bad problems with urethra atrophy at meno that the estrace also helps with. If it is ok what good changes did you see with estrace cream?
The doc talked about adding hormone therapy if my other doc says ok. And, later testosterone for libido,and muscle mass- in an attempt to help with my osteoporosis. Right now I can lift waits and do miles and miles of walking and very little muscle developing. This same routine some years ago , I would have had some nice muscles. Getting older is a big challenge. I wasn't going to do any of this hormone stuff- but I can't just sit back and take it anymore. I feel like I am doing a very quick slide downhill.
About the testosterone- zits, hair,voice changes sound real bad though! Somehow you think the patch is an easier go for the testosterone , what patch are you on????? - well I sure want to avoidthe zits, hair and voice changes.
If there are any others moving through this stuff , please add your voices! From time to time , I will update.
First, regarding the estrace- I will see what that does to the thyroid numbers.
Later, I will update as other stuff is tried.

The first hormone I tried during perimenopause was testosterone. I have been on it continuously now for many yrs. Not a patch or a pill, but rather a gel that I apply to my skin a couple times a week. I can control the size of the dose, and thus the side effects. Dose control is a little more difficult with pills -- that's how gals end up w/masculinizing side effects, IMO. Don't be afraid of "Mr. T." hormone if your serum testosterone levels are low. It's great for energy, muscle & libido.

Estrace cream was the first estrogen I tried, yrs. ago. It worked for my local symptoms, but as time went on I needed a more of a systemic estro so I could sleep at night (severe hot flashes; waking up many times per night). The estrogen patches I tried caused side effects, but eventually I found a transdermal gel (RX) that did the job without side effects. When I started the systemic, I was OK without the Estrace cream for a number of yrs. But now I need both the systemic gel & the local cream. Estrace cream helped me immensely with urge incontinence & nightime potty stops.

It is a good idea to start hormone therapy by adding one at a time. Otherwise, if there is a problem, it's hard to know which one to change.

Best wishes.