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Elmhar-Maybe we can brainstorm over the months and see what helps us. Sorry to hear our symptoms are so similar cause it really gets me down . How are you coping?? Are you on any script for the sjogren's ? As I said I will be tested for sjogren's soon, though opthamalogist said my symptoms are consistent with sjogren's. I have just less than 30% of the ave/expected amount of tears in one of my eyes and even less in the other. .I hear what you are saying about dry eye setting you up for other things as well , opthamalogist told me the same thing . Did you get punctal plugs? My lower ducts are plugged and I have been on restasis now for about 6 weeks. I think some improvement occured but my eyes are still so dry. I am constantly using drops. Next step is see how restasis helps and maybe plug upper ducts as well. I guess after that there isn't really much.The opthamalogist said do the fish oil and drink plenty of water. I will see what the rheumatologist says and how the tests turn out. This same unbelievable dryness is happening on my face as well and thus the wrinkling and irritation. The derm wants me to be sure to drink plenty of water, take fish oil and not use soap on my face at all- just water and moisturize. In fact , I am supposed to use soap only under arms and genital area.She said in and out of the shower as quickly as possible and not hot water.Elmhar, did the ht help at all with your facial skin? Also as you said on that thread I will be sure to watch the effects of the estrace etc. on the thyroid by frequent testing as everything is so intertwined.
GCC-good question about low fat diet. I was probably getting too little fat for the past ten years while I was on a modified ornish diet-vegetarian , low fat in an effort to ward off heart disease which is in my family. I did help my heart alot I think because I do not have the same situation as my siblings but-perhaps it did not help my skin at all.My diet has some more good fat in it- I really try to get at leat one tablespoon of olive oil a day in my meals , if not two. And, I have taken fish oil for the last few years on and off- now just on for the past year.
Oleander- well I do keep hearing the estrogen ht may help. Let us know what your doc says about this and also the hyaluronic acid.
midwest- I think the pile on of conditions in my case tipped the scales maybe same for elmhar with the sjogren's .
Hi Osteoblast,

I haven't had the official Sjogren's testing, however a number of docs, general & special, have mentioned the symptomology to me over the past 3 decades. In my mid-20s I was given similar advice as you got from the derm, along with about 5 Rxs (topicals), minus the fish oil rec. (not in vogue 30 yrs. ago). I do a very quick shower about once/week (as advised) most of the time, sponge otherwise. Have found that I can tolerate only a very little hypoallergenic liquid baby soap, for example, on my feet -- but even then I pay in flakes & cracks. I realize that my hygiene must sound heathen to most people ... but my family tells me I don't smell, which is a small comfort.

My skin wrinkling really accelerated in the time I've been on T3 ... which is why I think it increases estrogen turnover, leaving me perhaps deficient half the time. I haven't noticed any great improvement in facial skin with either estro HRT (the topical Biest + the Estrace cream) & in fact I get darker blotches on my fair facial skin in summer very quickly if I don't use sunscreen, kinda like a preg mask. So, I haven't been extremely impressed with the HRT I am using, for skin wrinkling is concerned.

But these things are complicated. Some people with autoimmune disease have elevated levels of elastase, an enzyme that breaks down elastin in skin. The labs that run the tests are very specialized, & I'm not sure what the "cure" is, if one does turn out to have elastase run amok.

I've met a couple of people who use HA for arthritis & I've been impressed with their success stories. Those who use it regularly DO seem to me to have very nice skin. I've tried HA myself a couple of times, but I get stomach pain from it. So now I have 2 bottles of it sitting around (tried a diff brand 2nd time).

I probably should try to get a little more olive oil in my diet. Both sat fat & especially Omega 6 oils really seem to set off my autoimmune crap symptoms, and too much fish oil gives me stomach pain.

I've had a number of ophtalmologists eager to do the punctal plugs, but I've stalled them for a decade. Once they get to know me & my sensitivity level to most things, they're not as eager to do the job ... I don't have an eye drop I can use at present. Did use Genteal for a number of yrs. (no preservatives) but now it seems even the methylcellulose or something else in it makes things worse. I do use a special eye spray for lubrication, OTC but at $13 a pop & it lasts maybe 10 days.

What does help my eyes immensely is prevention. I've got safety lenses with broad temples that I wear right over my own eyeglasses in various situations like when I'm cutting onions or when there's smoke or airborne chem crap. I also wear them when I'm putting things into/pulling out of the oven. We have convection & there's this blast of hot air when you open the oven door. When I go outside I wear those post-cataract surgery sunglasses that cover you from all angles. This is especially necessary if it's windy. Sometimes in the summer I really don't go out on hot days, as my eye pain is too intense.

Have you read any of Nicholas Perricone's books on preventing skin aging through supps & diet? Very intriguing, though of course like many docs these days he's out to sell you a boatload of spendy products.

Good luck to you! Let me know if you find something that works terrifically for your eyes & or wrinkles.