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It all started five months after my son was born. My husband wanted to have another child soon so they could be close in age. I thought this was a great idea since I have six siblings. I tried for twelve months. On the thirteenth month I got pregnant. Six weeks later I miscarried. I jumped on the band wagon again. Nothing happened. I thought I had a couple of chemical pregnancies. My period was long one month so the doctor put me on Provera. Well my period stopped coming. I went to my primary care doctor to get a second opinion. She did blood tests and said my estrodial level and LH levels were great, but my FSH level was at 43. This test was not done on the third day. I went to a fertility specialist after reading that if your period does not come after taking Provera it means that your ovaries do not have any more eggs. The second FSH was 29. The HSG was great and the ultrasound on the third day showed one ovary in the left and none in the right. The fertility specialist concluded that I had ovarian dysfunction and offered egg donor.

It made me feel confused considereing I got pregnant 18 months before with my son and then just five months ago when I had a miscarriage. The doctor said there was nothing else he could do for me. Then I went to a holistic doctor and they started to balance my body. My periods started to come back on my own and I lost pounds and inches. My face even cleared up!

Someone recommended me to another fertility specialist and she did a FSH and it showed 23. She said she will try IUI. She gave me Estrace and Provera:( for the beginning. Then I will take Lupron:( and Gonal-F. I am worried because the Lupron suppresses the ovaries and the Provera mad my periods not come last time. The Fertility specialist said it will be different this time because I am given Estrace with it. I am new to this and need people who can befriend me and guide me through this process. No one else I know understands what I am going through. I look forward to your responses. :angel: