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Hi dearest!!
The appointment went really well and I'm very hopeful. My gynecologiste says not to worry my sweet head (he talks liek that lol) and that no matter what, we'll get me pregnant. Even if he has to pass me on to a colleague of his that's an RE.
But he did give me some medicines that will hopefully work. He gave me one that I have only heard of here, so hopefully you ladies can tell me what it's for before I have to do the dreaded reading online (which is nearly always a negative experience)
He said this....
Estrace... 1mg daily or is it 2mg daily? I can't read his writing. But for ten days.
Provera 10mg daily for five days.
And that shoudl give me a bleed, and then on day 5, start taking Clomid. And then on day 20, I go in for a progesterone blood test. (Why?)

If the estrace and provera don't work, then he will refer me to his colleague who is an RE and will get me in right away.

BUT--- he also asked if I felt pg at all. And I don't. I don't have sore breasts, or anything. I have been a little queasy now and again, but that nowhere near everyday, and it's usually because I'm either hungry or working off a cold. But my doctor ordered a beta just to make sure. Accoording to my old gyne...Dracula, I was on Provera for a bit as a teenager, and it always worked. So my current gyn, he wants me to get a beta done just to make sure before we start the estrace and provera.

I'm being so silly. I'm trying to be positive without raising my hopes. But it seems what I do to one, I do to the other. I am positive, I raise my hopes. I am realisitc, I become negative. But I tell myself, I haven't had a period even after Provera, and I get clear CM everyday. So maybe, maybe not. :angel: But my fingers are crossed just in case. I'm so silly.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great day!!!
Princess, your doctor is great! He is always so helpful and patient with you, and he truly does seem like he will do whatever he can to get your pregnant. I can't help you with the Estrace, I've never had it, but the 20 day progesterone blood test is to confirm if you ovulated, based on the #'s. I learned that here on the boards, never had it done myself. And just like everything else with IF, it's a roller coaster, our emotions go up and down, even if we don't want them too. Just hang in there, and keep talking with us to work through your feelings, whenever you want. Especially if you can tell DH doesn't want to talk about it right now, lol! My DH gets like that, so I turn to you guys and my BF. Then I find myself leaving my DH out of the loop, lol! Sorry I rambled on, lol, just happy your doctor gave you another plan to get AF started, I really hope it works this time.

Hi Princess! :D So glad to hear your appt went well! I've taken estrace (actually taking it right now) for my IVF cycle, but I honestly don't know what purposes it can be used for. Sorry I can't help you w/ that. There are so many meds involved w/ IVF that I just can't keep them all straight as far as what they are supposed to do. I just follow my schedule & hope for the best. :D I just have to say how wonderful your dr sounds. You must feel very comfortable w/ him & I am confident he will help you get that bfp!

Christin-- LOL< I often find I leave DH out of the loop as well. I just can't talkto him, and when I do, it seems liek it ends up as a big argument! I've just learned to tell him the end result. I've tried teaching him everyhting.....but I ended up having to work backwards, and ended up having to explain about ovulation. And then I explained everything from there. BUT IT DIDN"T STICK. Last night, he asked me "So you really have eggs? Maybe you shoudl stop bellydancing so much. You don't want to scramble them or anyhting." The thing is....he wasn't joking :rolleyes:

April: You know, I'm really hoping for a surprise BFP too! :angel: I'm not expecting it AT ALL, but I really hope for one. And you're right, if not this time, then definitely next time!!

Holly: IVF sounds SO daunting! Well, at least I won't be alone in taking Estrace. If no BFP. LOL, trying to be positive, but honestly, can't see it happeneing. I don't 'feel' anything at all. Thank you, my docotr is amaizng, I'm just sorry I made myself endure Dracula when there was an angel rigth here! :D
Hi Princess, happy valentines day

i am so glad that your appointment went so well and that your Dr is an :angel:. I am praying for a valentines day surprise, but if it does not happen then at least you have a backup plan:D. I do not know about estrace but I do know that the 20 day blood test is to check for ovulation. I always had one on cd21 when I was on clomid. Even now my gyn orders progesterone tests on cd22 and on beta day.

I hope you get sme good news today, thinking of you.
Lots of love
Happy valentines day!!!! I hope everyone is haivng an AMAZING DAY!!!!

I'm really sorry, sisters....BFN for me!!! I'm not as disappointed as I was worried I might be. I mean, I never felt pg, and though I was hopeful, I couldn't bring myself to raise my hopes.

But at least there's a backup plan!!!! I'm really happy that at least tonight I can start taking Estrace. And get on the road to that BFP :angel:

Thank you to everyone who wrote---I'm sorry, I feel bad for not writing back individually, but my mind doens't seem to be concentrating right now. I feel very foggy. Just know that I love you all and I hope you all have amazing Valentines Days.....well Valentine Evenings!! ;) You knowww.... :jester: ;)
Princess, I'm sorry about your bfn. They are never easy, no matter how prepared we think we are for a negative result. But, as you said, now you can start on the path to that bfp tonight by starting your estrace pills. You will get that bfp someday soon sweetie, & we will all be here crying tears of joy with you. I hope you and DH have a great evening together. Sending you hugs.

Princess I am sorry about the BFN but at least now you can start the meds and move onto the path of BFP:D:D. I am sure the meds will work in due course and AF will be here befor you know it.....and then onto clomid:D. I remember when the RE gave me provera he gave me 10mg twice a day for 7 days (just some useless info). I am hoping that the estrace brings AF soon.

Thinking of you
Hi Everyone!!


So please forgive is typing.grammer is bad, or I sound like I'm barking at you. :) BFN was tough, but I as really hapy when I started takign Estrace last night.....especially this morning because I am already feeling a side effect--- decrease in appetite!! Normally i'd be starving by now....but I'm not hungry at all!!! Not only is it TOTALLY new sensation for be to not be hungry (Thank you PCOS) but it tells me the mediicnes are working. Also, the pharmaciste didnt have Provera, so he called the doctor and he gave another progestin that I can't reemmber the name of. But I'm really happy because I knwo the medicines will work and God willing I'll get pg after I start the Clomid!!! :D

I won't be here Monday because... you ladies are going to love this, a friend of mine here, who I'm honestly not all that close to because she only calls when she needs soemthng, she is hoping to have her baby on Monday, and her docotr says it will likely be then. Again, she an I are not very close, but she called me late last night, and said that she and her husband have been having a hard marriage. I knew that already since that's when she would call, when they argue. :rolleyes: But last night, she called late, and was crying uncontrollably.... her DH left her, for good, she says, and she needs someone with her when she gives birth. (Nice man, no? :rolleyes:) So I told her that I will take Monday off and if he isn't back, I will go in with her. I haven't told her this, but that will be the last time.

She doesn't knwo of my IF troubles, but I will hold her hand help her bring her miracle into the world, as much it woudl hurt, I can't imagine that miraculous day being tainted with that she had to do it alone.

DH thinks I'm crazy and that I shoudl just tell her to call her mother or something, but I don't knwo if I can do that. besides, knowing their marriage her DH came back early this morning and they're having a makeup cuddle right now. Im hardening my heart towards this situation, as it it would hurt SO MUCH to be in the delivery room for a non-close friend, and not have it be my baby. What I'm just telling myself is, at least no matter what, I'll have Monday off.

Anyway, that's all that's new with me!! I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!!