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LOL, well, as the title suggests, things have been happening. On Sunday, after a particularly humilaiting round of Dance Dance Revolution, I went to the washroom, and without getting into TMI, there was evidence of a bleed. It was really small though, only on the panties, and not even there when I wiped. It got a little bit heavier on Monday, but maybe it only seemed so because I was wearing a light days tampon. (1- it's light days, 2- unlike a pad, it's in the hot zone, so I think bleeds woudl be more obvious, if a little exagerated on a tampon as opposed to pad) But still not as heavy as my periods are. Today, I'm wearign a pad, but nothing has shown up.

I called my gyn, and the nurse said that it could either be breakthrough bleeding (I'm on day 6 of a 10 day regimen of Estrace, 1mg) or it could be AF. Have any of you ever had breathrough bleeding before? How long does it last. And, just for opinions sake.... is it AF or breakthrough, just for opinions? You be the judge, polls are open! :D
LOL, this week is dragging for me too!! I keep telling myself it's midweek, but then my brain answers back "Yah? So what? I want the weekend NOW"

So, the plan is, I finish off these Estrace, and then onto Ratio-MPA, which is the same thing as Provera. Then I shoudl get AF, and THEN onto Clomid, and then BFP :D Hopefully.