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MKg-I was wondering if you might look at my recent labs
TSH 2.8 (.350 - 5.500)
free t4 1.48 (.61 - 1.76)
Triiodothyronine, free, serum 2.7 (2.3 -4.2)
What do you think--I have been on 75mcg synthroid. Mostly I have been at 1.5 to 1.8. I was surprised about the 2.8. I wonder if this was affected by my having been on estrace vag. cream. ( i decided not to stay on it - just used it one month-too messy) It is an estrogen cream. My endo said it wouldn't affect my thryoid-that it was not systemic but topical only. I found info on line that the vag. estrogen creams do in fact increase the estradiol significantly in the first month and then even out from there. They found this in a cancer study because patients who had been treated with aromatase inhibitors were not supposed to elevate their estrogen. Some women wanted to use the vag. creams for dryness and it was found that their level of estradiol did go up. So I am wondering since I was on that for a month and that was within two weeks of the thyroid test that maybe the test was off because of estrogen increase.

Now , about the mouth bumps that come/go on a regular basis in the back of my mouth , roughly in the same place on each side of my mouth.Although mostly comes just on left side, rarely but sometimes on right.I know you were interested since you had something similar.Bump not painful, just small and raised and then deflates within about 24 hours. The size of a lentil. ( Remember I have hashi's with tpo's over 1200) I made an appt with an ENT to check out the mouth recurring bumps . Can't get in for a month.Today after eating lunch, I had a major swelling under my right ear, near the jaw line. I did a little looking on the net and called my pcp- I spoke with the triage nurse and she thought as well that it was a parotid salivary gland that was swollen due to being blocked . The swellling went down to nearly flat within two hours.What I am now thinking is that my antibodies have decided now to attack not only my thyroid but my salivary glands as well. (And, maybe even my tear ducts -I have extremely dry eyes.) I saw a rheum recently and she did an ANA and also SS-a(not sure on this one- I need to find the record.) The ANA was weak positive and she said it doesn't mean anything.She didn't think that I have sjogren's but I have read that some 20-30% have sjogren's and don't test positive. I think it is weird that this is on both sides and because the parotid swelling came today on the side that usually doesn't have a bump- that something is affecting both sides. I am not on any med that caused dehydration and I try to stay well hydrated. Soo-what do you think of this?
Please if anyone else has any thoughts or experience with this , I would love to hear from you too.