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Hi Char!!
I just finished my Estrace Saturday, and so I started ratio-mpa (apparently the same thing as Provera but with more....oomf :D) Sunday. I shoud be done that Thursday and then the waiting game for AF begins! I am not sure how I feel... I have never taken this ratio-mpa before, and it sounds toughter than provera. As in, it'll actually work. :jester: Maybe because it's a progesterone and not a progestin? Oh, how shoudl I know, I always hated science LOL.

Last night I had such a weird dream. I bought a hpt, and it was digital, only it still gave a positive or negative sign. So in the dream, I did my thing with it, and then as soon as I stopped wee-wee, the control line appeared. So far, so so good. And then right away a positive sign showed up! But right after I felt that leap of excitement, the digitally blcks things (pixels?) rearranged and it turned into that famous negative sign. :( I really hope that's not a sign of things to come.

Anyway, that's all that's really new with me. I'm not experiencing any side effects, but since I just started yesterday I guess it would be soon? I definitely know that Thursday, I'll be playing some hard DDR and try to shake AF loose :D
Hey Princess, Just dropping a line to say hi. I really really hope that the combination of the estrace and the provera will work its wonders and bring you not only a very quick AF, but a very quick BFP! Good job eating a healthy lunch today... I agree you don't want Mapia chasing you down! :D
Hi Kari!! I really do hope the estrace and provera work quickly to bring on a quick AF (not one that I have to wait weeks for) and that the Clomid will bring abotu a quick BFP! :) I'll start at 100mg of Clomid... that's a good dose to start off at, right? I know most people start off at 50mg, so I"m pretty confident in the Clomid :D The only thing is.....okay....this may be TMI, so turn away now, be warned..... Dh has some trouble performing under pressure. I told him that the doctor recommends us doing every other night from days 10-16 (I had to explain what that meant too lol). Now I knwo most guys would be ready in the bed yelling if we're coming or not lol, but Dh has some issues where...he's not like other guys in that he wants BD every night. In fact, once or twice a week is enough for him. (I wish there was a blushing face icon now..) And we'll try to do more, we have tried to do every other night...but no matter how much we tried...... he couldn't...prepare. Well he could, but not as much as he should.
He went to the doctor, but the doctor says that all his hormones are right where they shoudl be, and everything looks great concerning his swimmers. He (the doctor) says that just liek how some women can go happily for months without sex and some need it everyday (I'm the latter of the two) same are men. And that DH is just a type who really only wants/needs to twice a week.
Now there are some weeks where it's like four times, but those are rare.
I said that I'm worried because I know that when ttc, we shoudl be aiming for every other night. The doctor says that since swimmers can live inside of me for up to 5 days, I shouldn't worry. As long as I'm close to O time, it sould be okay.
My question is: Do you ladies think I have something to worry about?
Thank you if you made it this far!