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Hahahaha, Kel, you made me laugh so hard when you posted on my thread. Let's see.... back in November I had ovarian drilling and a big polyp removed (2cm!) that was causing me to bleed very hard....I was wearing a super tampon and a extra long heavy pad, and still had to change every hour. But after the surgery I had a perfect 29 day cycle. :) No BFP though.
After that my cycle started messing around....honestly you know I'd like to whack AF over her selfish head. My gyn finally decided to put me on Clomid, but first I had to get a period. Let me tell you, that was another ordeal.
He gave me progesterone, and I waited, and waited and waited. And nothing. Witch didn't show up. So then I had to take Estrace and then Ratio-Mpa (progesterone). Finally after 11 days of waiting AF came! :D And then I started on 100mg of Clomid.

I was a raging beast!!!!! I was ALWAYS angry, or about to cry. I had hot flashes, to the point where I cleared out the bottom portion of the firdge so I could sit in it. LOL Dh has some photographs now that I'm going to find and burn. :jester:

Hahaha, I will try my best to make you laugh ;) I have missed you so much!! I'm glad that you enjoyed your time away, but selfishly, I missed you a lot!! :D

Right now I'm CD 28, 13dpo and having to wait until Monday to see if AF comes. But I'm going to hpt Friday morning. :) Hopefully, I get a nice BFP to report! :D

Ihope your day is going nice and smooth! I can't wait to celebrate your upcoming BFP!