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Cashahn, that is awesome you are getting started so quick!!! I can't believe it! You are definitely in the game now! So are you taking something like estrace to get your lining and estrogen ready for those embies??? Keep us posted! I'm feeling good, thx for asking. My stomach still feels incredibly swollen, but I'm taking that as a very good sign!

Princess, I do think there will be lots of home runs scored by our awesome IF team over the course of the next month! I'm so excited Bee's has gotten us off to a great start... And I'm totally confident you'll be announcing a BFP next!!!
Alrighty April, what is going on... how are you feeling???!!!! Are you excited or what? You are sooo close! How's lupron treating you?

Mel, welcome. I've had two FET's in the last 6 months. They definitely are much easier than fresh cycles! My second FET (in Feb) resulted in a chemical pregnancy. I also started with a lot of eggs (31) and we had good fertilization (17 fert. of 19 mature). But the embryos were poor in quality. So I'm sitting in a 2WW after a new fesh cycle right now hoping this takes, but we do have some frosties left over and I am a huge believer in the power of FET's. My neighbor failed to conceive on a fresh attempt, but got her daugher after the following FET and then 2 yrs later conceived twins from frosties from that same cycle! So you have good reason to be hopeful right now!

Lisa, you'll probably get synched pretty quick with your donor. You'll prob both be on BCP for like 4-5 weeks and then I'm guessing you'll both be instructed to take your last pill on the same day. I'm sure you will both be put on lupron and then she'll take stims while you take estrace... right up until her retrieval. That's just my guess based on my experiences... it'll be interesting to hear how it all plays out!!! I'm excited for you!!!

Mady, I'm thinking of your and your egg-filled follies right now!!! I really hope you are doing well!!!! When do we get our next update???

Holly, thanks for checking in. How are you feeling??? It's been a day or two since I've check on my friend over on the other side... I'll have to go see how it's going. I hope I can make it through these final days in my 2WW... I'm still hopeful I'll be joiining you guys over there very soon!