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April, so happy to see your progress!! Happy triggering!!!:D

Well, if everything is okay with my blood and sono this morning then I will start taking my estrace pills and my transfer looks like it will be on the 16th. I couldn't believe that they saw follies hanging around my left (enlarged)ovary!:eek: No wonder I've been so bloated!! I hope that doesn't screw things up for this cycle!:confused:
I still find myself crying from losing this pregnancy:(...it is just so much harder than I expected. What makes matters worse, my twin sister (who is a week away from getting AF) thinks she is pregnant again from trying (only this first month) for her 2nd child. She started to say how anxious she was getting and how crazy the mind game is and I'm like ??!!?? Welcome to my world! Yeah, she only tried one month for her 1st child and got pg right away so she thinks it will happen again!!!:mad:
Solange! WOW!!!:eek: Triplets! That's unbelievable!! What an unexpected turn of events!! I am sooo happy for you and DH! :D
April, 15 eggs!! What a great number! Can't wait to hear your fertilization report!
Lisa, sorry the shots and meds are getting you down...it will be over soon. It should feel good though to be this far in a cycle!;)
Michele, awaiting good news from you soon. How has the 2ww been?
As for me, not much going on. Just taking my estrace pills and awaiting the end of this very depressing AF which should be any day now (thank goodness!) Tomorrow is the first day back at work!:jester: