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Same symptoms for me and this has been going on since I was 17 and had a million tests done, told it was in my head, All the tests THEY were running bloodwork etc. came back normal. I finally had a huge flare where my feet hands and face were swollen and nausea tood several (14 viles of blood) and Lupus was neg, but the Hereditary Angioedema was off the charts. The only scary thing for me was the C1, C4, and the C1 estrace , antibodies also point the finger to cancer. I researched and it is linked to Leukemia/lymphoma. I still have to go on from there. It's scary. I would have them run tests for HAE anad test thouraly (SP) I wish you luck. I have to go to a nes Rheummy.
io also have severe multiple food allergies and going in for the enviornmental allgery testing June 25th.
I wish you luck and healty days!!!